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Writer, Director, Editor at FSD

"I've only ever taken one film class. But don't let that swerve you, I swear I know what I'm doing. I don't mean to give the impression that I don't appreciate education. Rather than go into debt going to university, I decided to just buy a camera, some lenses and lights and make movies. In less than two years we became the most watched and subscribed to creative Youtube channel in central NY with a consistent output of zero-budget short films, analytical video essays and experimental cinematic videos.

There's an old adage that doing anything for ten thousand hours equals mastery of the subject and if I'm not there I'm damn close."


Director, Producer, Cinematographer, at FSD

Andy DeAngelo is a filmmaker & videographer, who's been making films since the young age of 12. You could say he's had it figured out for a while. Even then he knew where his passions lied.

He directed his first feature film in 2013. Two years later he became a producer on the 2015 horror film "Everto". In 2016 he co-founded FSD Productions with Eric Eghigian, and has shot and produced over 30 short films since.

Aside from filmmaking, Andy also does videography work, ranging from weddings, commercials, music videos, and corporate shoots as well as camera operating for live TV.


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